Saturday, November 1, 2008

photos - various children

Widenico Desilien is a 3-year-old girl who has bowed legs caused by a vitamin D deficiency. We are trying to find medical care for her before the bowing gets worse.

Fedner Alphonse lives here at Coram Deo and helps out around the house and looking after the younger children. His 25 year old brother died suddenly a few weeks ago after an asthma attack.

Chardlyne Jules was operated on for hydrocephalus in May 2008. Her family contacted us this week to say that she had died.

Marcson Marcelin is a 2-month-old baby with a beginning hydrocephalus. Pray we can find a way to help him before his head starts getting larger.

Angelo Lafortune recently came back from the United States after a follow-up visit with his neurosurgeon. His tumor isn't growing back and he didn't require another surgery for the hematoma he suffered after a fall here in Haiti. He's a cute kid!

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