Saturday, November 22, 2008

photos - medical clinic - part 3

A parent of one of the school children told me about a neighbor with medical problems. I told her to bring this lady to the clinic so that she could see a doctor.

This lady has untreated diabetes as well as high blood pressure. Several of the adults who came to the clinic had high blood pressure and needed medication.

The untreated diabetes is resulting in her foot getting severely infected. This lady has already lost some toes and will need to have her foot amputated.

The father standing beside this girl carried her to the clinic. She had an operation in 2006 for what probably was some kind of abdominal tumor.

The tumor has grown back with a vengeance. Her right leg has been paralyzed for the last couple of weeks because the tumor is pressing on a nerve. This is why she can no longer walk. This is a sad case as well.

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