Saturday, November 8, 2008

photos - school collapse - La Promesse College Evangelique

La Promesse College Evangelique is a private christian school run by a haitian pastor. Around 700 children attend this school. It is a 3 storey school that collapsed Friday morning with all the children inside.

The third and second stories collapsed onto the first trapping and killing children inside. In the beginning people were using hands, hammers and whatever they could find to help to free the children. Heavy equipment wasn't yet available and the school is located in a ravine area on a hillside in the Nerette section of Delmas 64.

UN military, UN and haitian police as well as fire department and the red cross were involved as well. The back section collapsed down taken out houses below as well. Poor construction is thought to be the blame. The third storey was under construction and not finished yet when the school collapsed.

The street around the school is narrow and the housing is dense. It was difficult to move around.

The UN brought in a light standard to use for the rescue effort. They had to move this in by hand as the vehicle could not maneuver this heavy piece of equipment down the narrow clogged street. A bunch of soldiers maneuvered it into position.

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