Sunday, November 16, 2008

photos - hydrocephalus surgeries - part 4

Widmirtha Mervil has been living at Holy Angels since her mother had her baby. Johnny Rene used to be part of Coram Deo years ago as a sponsor student. He now helps to look after Widmirtha and he works at Holy Angels. Here he is removing Widmirtha's feeding tube in preparation for transport to the hospital.

Widmirtha had her shunt removed and the doctor found that it was infected. She is now on antibiotics to treat the infection in her brain. Pray the infection will go away after a round of antibiotics now that the shunt is no longer in place.

Peterson Lamy is a 4-month-old baby who has spina bifida. We will be trying to find medical care for him in the United States. A haitian evangelist met this family while evangelizing in an area and he brought the family over to Coram Deo this past week.

Peterson has a large bulge on his back. This condition is better treated in the United States.

Fidney Katnael St. Poulin is a 9-day-old baby girl that was born with hydrocephalus. Her mother had a caesarean section to give birth to her. We will be trying to find medical care for her in the United States as well. She was born a little jaundiced. Her mother is a very caring person.

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Amrita said...

These photos make me cry. od bless your soul as to minister to these babies.