Sunday, November 16, 2008

photos - hydrocephalus surgeries - part 1

This is Phara Simeon and her mother before surgery. She had traveled to the United States for surgery but her head continued to increase in size when she returned back to Haiti.

Here Pharah is relaxing in bed after her surgery. This time she had a shunt put in. Pray that there will be no infection or post-op problems for her. Her mother has 8 children.

Paulna was babysitter for the day to help look after John Charles. She did a good job!

Here is John Charles after surgery. His brain has been damaged by the increased pressure on the brain. At least with the surgery he will now be more comfortable. He will return to the Food for the Poor orphanage once he is discharged.

Cawens Sanon, the young baby from Gonaives is doing well after surgery.

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