Saturday, November 29, 2008

haiti update - november 29, 2008

“ Do not take revenge, my friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: It is mine to avenge; I will repay, says the Lord.” Romans 12:19

Hi! This week we got word that a medical team from the Kentucky area will be coming to Haiti with doctors and nurses. They want to hold a clinic here at Coram Deo on December 5th and are willing to see 200 patients. The people in the community enjoy these clinics and are thankful for the medical care they receive.
We are also preparing for the plastic surgery team that is coming to Haiti from December 18th to 22nd to do cleft lip/palette and other surgeries at Hopital La Paix, located on Delmas 33. Project Medishare will be coordinating the surgeries. We will help in providing meals in the morning and evening again. I am going to help Maggy with translating as well between the patients and the medical team. We have 8 children on our list who need plastic surgery care and hopefully some or all of them can be helped. We give the Lord thanks for medical teams who come to Haiti to help in this way. Otherwise these patients would do without care. Pray for all the plans being made for the upcoming clinic day here at Coram Deo and for the upcoming plastic surgeries at Hopital La Paix.
Francisco of Smile Train will also be visiting Haiti this week to do more planning for “Operation Cleft Free Haiti”. Pray he will have a productive week.
Vanessa Jules and her mother returned to Fond Verettes and Guerdson Delile and his mother returned to Jeremie. Pray that they continue to be in good health and don’t develop any problems.
Chrisno Jeudi is doing well with his host family in Virginia. He continues to get physical therapy every day. If all goes well he will be returning to Haiti sometime in December. Continue to pray for the efforts of his host family. Recently there was a newspaper article written about Chrisno and his host family. If you would like to read this article the link to this article is:
We had a visit this week from a family who came from the mountain area in Kenscoff seeking medical care. The boy had a secondary skin infection caused by scabies. We had medicine that we could send along with his family to treat this infection as well as worms and scabies. Pray this medicine helps him.
The Diabetes association in Haiti (FHADIMAC – Fondation Haitienne de Diabete et de Maladies Cardio-vasculaires) just held an information day. They reported that the incidence of diabetes is increasing in Haiti. They say this increase is caused by stress, lack of physical activity and influenced by the insecurity and bad eating habits of the population. A report from the study that they held in 2006 shows that in the Port-au-Prince region 7% of the population over the age of 20 develop diabetes. The incidence of diabetes in persons over the age of 60 is 15% and this percentile increases each year based on the increase in age. Out of 35 children who were hospitalized at the state General Hospital 19 died because of a lack of insulin that the parents couldn’t afford to buy. It would be good if one day a program can be established to help those who can’t afford to buy insulin much like the HIV/AIDS programs here in Haiti that is currently in place. This HIV/AIDS program is what is keeping one of our employees, Lukner alive. He receives free anti retro-viral therapy. Pray that a program like this can one day be set up for the treatment of diabetes.
The students are preparing for the first semester exams. This morning Jn. Eddy and a few other secondary student friends of his were going over math problems on one of the chalkboards. At the other table Paulna and some of her classmates were reviewing and preparing for upcoming exams with their teacher, Erismane Dorelus. He used to be a teacher here at Coram Deo of the Grade 5 class before the school program was transferred to another mission. He continues as the Grade 5 teacher at the other mission school. Teachers and students from this mission school continue to use the Coram Deo facilities for tutoring and homework help. We give the Lord thanks that we are able to help out in this way. It is good to see enthusiastic students studying to get good grades!
There has been quite a few things going on in the Delmas 31 area. On Sunday afternoon Lukner called and asked me to come with the pick-up truck to bring a woman to hospital who had just been burned. A food vendor who sells fried food had taken a hot pot of oil off the fire and had set it on a chair. She got busy with other things and then forgot she had left the pot on the chair. She sat down again and ended up burning her butt. She sure got up in a hurry again! The burns weren’t too serious but we brought her to the Medecins Sans Frontieres Hospital. When she got out of the pickup truck I told the attendant at the hospital that she had burned her backside but he didn’t care and made her sit in the wheelchair anyway. It will be a little while before sitting down will be comfortable for this food vendor!
Thievery is always a problem around here. Late Tuesday night thieves used a pry bar to break into the lottery booth that is across the street from Coram Deo. The thieves stole the cash box and left behind a broken door. It’s a good thing the barbed wire is on our walls!
Mackenson of the Judas Gang is still in the area. Just recently he went to support a gang friend of his in an altercation. The gun he carried under his shirt was used to intimidate the other person. I still pray for Mackenson to change his heart but he still continues to fall further in his walk against God. He spent several of his earlier years growing up in a Christian orphanage.
Taking revenge is also the common thing to do here in Haiti. The boyfriend of a young woman hit the mother of his child. She in return took revenge by finding someone to kill him. He got injured and now the woman is in jail for arranging to kill her boyfriend. A nephew and uncle also had an altercation. The nephew got angry with the uncle and stabbed him and the uncle took revenge a few days later by hitting the nephew on the back with a blow from his machete. These incidents all happened in the Cite Jeremie area of Delmas 31. These people need to read the passage from Romans 12:19 that refers to revenge!
That’s all the news for today. Have a good weekend!
Karen Bultje, Coram Deo

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