Saturday, October 18, 2008

photos - walking dead - part 2, OPACIE

The actors took their roles seriously.

Each pose was symbolic to a moment in the independance battle where Dessaline lost his life.

The procession of the walking dead moved on and presented the play again further up the road.

Friday was a busy day! While we were up the mountain the community organization - OPACIE (Organisation des Parents Allies Contre L'Ignorance et L'Esclavage des Enfants) which in english is translated as Organization of Parents Allied Against the Ignorance and Slavery of Children held a childrens program in our yard for poor children living in the community and that are part of their organization.

Around 150 children enjoyed the festivities of the day and enjoyed a meal inside the grounds of Coram Deo. The man standing at the front of the group is Pastor Octave. He is the leader of this christian organization. The parents meet once a week here at Coram Deo. As a show of support to this community group we let them use our grounds. Together we can all work together to help to build a better community for all. The entire day was organized by this group including security, decorations, program and meal. They even had a sound system set up with speakers and a microphone in place. Pray for Coram Deo as we work together with other haitians working to build a better haitian society for all.


marlene said...

Karen you are doing a great job keep up the good work
Tell the kids we send our love.
Glad to hear that Reginald to back with you
Hope to see you guys in the new year
Marlene,Liz, Teresa, and Teresa
your in our prayers

Amrita said...

God bless you Katie. Liked the Walking dead photos.