Saturday, October 25, 2008

photos - various

Nesca Laguerre is a young girl who has a heart problem. Her family came to us this week for the first time. We put her name on our medical search list. It is difficult to find hospitals in the United States willing to donate for heart surgery. Pray for Nesca and her family.

On Monday along with a meal we provided the children with an albendazole pill which is used to treat worms. We are thankful for the donation of this medicine in helping to improve the children's health here at Coram Deo.

Jackenmy is the handicapped children teacher. Here he is distributing the medicine to his class.

The children enjoy having a lunch provided when school is over. We are grateful for donations of food in order to improve the nutrition of the children.

Solyvien Favra is the boy who has a deformed ankle and foot caused by a fracture that was never set. Many people have deformities caused by broken bones that aren't set. If a family doesn't have money they just wait at home and hope the bones set on their own; which usually doesn't result in a good outcome for a serious fracture. Please pray for our efforts in getting the paperwork ready for him.

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