Monday, October 13, 2008

photos - hydrocephalus evaluations - part 1

One of the large waiting rooms at the state run Hopital La Paix on Delmas 33 was used to hold all the hydocephalus children and their parents. The Minister of Health from the Haitian government is also involved in the project providing the hospital for these surgeries to take place. Healing Hands provided a lunch for everybody. It was a long wait for some of the children but everyone who came was seen by the doctor. Now the decision needs to be made as to who gets surgery and who doesn't. The surgeries will be held in November.

Phara Simeon returned from the United States after surgery but her head has continued to grow in size since. She will be needing a second surgery to stop the fluid from building up in her brain. She is now back to using her finger to pull down her eyelid to see better.

Chardlyne Jules had surgery in May/08 and was waiting to see the doctor for a post-op check. Her head size has gone down and she looks good.

Wiliamise Jean is the cousin of Paulna. She is sitting with her father. He doesn't believe she has hydrocephalus and won't let her have brain surgery. Keep him in prayer as he just recently started to attend church with Wiliamise.

Wilbenson Jacques had surgery in October/07 and was waiting to be evaluated for his post-op check. The doctor determined that he will be needing further surgery as the fluid in his brain has not decreased. Despite this he is developing and is able to sit and he is starting to talk. This is another hydrocephalus child from the Cite Soleil area.

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