Saturday, October 4, 2008

photos - cabrette family, baby girl

This woman was brought to us by Pastor Pierre. She comes from a village that is far in the mountains. You can only get there on foot. Her family is dying of hunger and she came to Port-au-Prince seeking help.

Lodi is a 2-year-old boy who is suffering from malnutrition. He is weak.

Dieuquiseul is 3 years old and he is swollen with fluid caused by kwashiorkor malnutrition. He was in the worst shape of the 2 children and is now hospitalised at Nos Petits Frere et Soeurs Hospital on Tabarre.

This photo shows the severity of the swelling in his legs. Sometimes the heart gives out with all the fluid in the body. He will receive good care at this children's hospital and hopefully survive.

Widmirtha Mervil, the hydrocephalus baby that was hospitalized at Bernard Mevs now has a baby sister! Her sister was born at the state Chancerelle hospital and doing well. Continue to keep this family in prayer

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