Saturday, October 25, 2008

photos - state hospital strike - part 1

This is the emergency room at the state General Hospital that is located in downtown Port-au-Prince. Normally this room is always packed with patients. The doctor's strike has gone on for 2 weeks now. Patients who could leave left for other hospitals or went home.

Some are too sick to leave and wait for the end of the strike. This man's backside is infected and rotting. He told me that he needs an operation but there can't be an operation if there is no staff to perform it. His family is not with him and he is abandoned. When I was there he hadn't eaten anything for 2 days. Pray for the forgotten ones in this strike.

The abandoned children's ward is packed with children. This baby was born with malformed hands. For this reason she is now a member of the abandoned room. Pray an orphanage can be found to take her in.

This baby was born with multiple deformities. She has severely clubbed feet as well as an arm that was formed backwards and a cleft lip. She too was abandoned because of having a deformity.

This is a close-up shot of her deformed arm, wrist and hand. You can see she has a cleft lip as well. Pray an orphanage can be found to take her in and provide the medical care that she needs.


Amrita said...

Oh Karen, these photos made me cry.

We also have strikes in govt. operated hospitals which affect health services hugely as the poor people cannot afford private places.

Pray the doctors come back to work.

Momto13 said...

So the people are just left, even the babies with no one to care for or feed them? Please let me know if there is something that we can do- certainly there is SOMEONE that would be willing to help these two babies to survive long enough to get the surgery that they need and then adoptive homes for them. Praying.