Monday, October 13, 2008

photos - hydrocephalus evaluations - part 2

Vanessa Jules is sitting with her mother waiting for her turn to see the doctor. She is a very active little girl.

Maudlin Thomas has had 2 operations already. The first one was in October/07 and the second in May/08. Both times he was one of the last patients to be discharged as he had post-op infections. He is now learning to stand and can walk with assistance.

Ralph Dumeus is a hydrocephalus baby that needs surgery. The father left the family because he did not want to support a hydrocephalus child. His mother does the best she can to look after him.

This boy stands, walks, talks and goes to school. His head is large but his body is catching up in growth. When he gets older the larger head will not be as noticeable.

Joseph Sincere is a boy who has a brain tumor. We have been trying to find care for him in the United States but it is difficult as he also has severe brain damage. His mother as well is a single mom doing her best to raise her family. Please keep all these children and their families in prayer.

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