Saturday, October 25, 2008

photos - state hospital strike - part 2

Each department in the Hopital La Paix has a list of issues that they want the government to address. The pediatrics department say:1.they are tired of sending newborns to another hospital in bad condition; 2. Sending older children to another hospital because there is no medicine.; 3. Heard that people are saying that the doctors don't want to work but it is because there are no supplies; 4. Sending children away because there are not enough hospital beds.

The maternity department post what changes they would like to see: 1. Good conditions for women in labor; 2. Good consultation conditions throughout the pregnancy; 3. Good conditions for delivery 24 hours per day; 4. Good conditions to operate at any time, 24 hours per day when a caesarian section is required. The residents summarize that they will strike until we find satisfaction for pregnant women.

Internal Medicine residents request: 1. Opening another room immediately; 2. ECG and sonogram equipment 24 hours per day; 3. Suction machine; 4. Materials and medications for all emergencies.

The Surgery department residents say they are tired of: 1. Seeing how women and young men are dying in emergency because the operating room is closed during the night; 2. Seeing emergency cases waiting the same as other clinic cases in the mornings; 3. An operating room which always lack materials.

This sign is posted at the front entrance to Hopital La Paix. It reads: a determined strike for the population because of: 1. No laboratory; 2. No emergency; 3. No neonatology; 4. No operating room during the night; 5. Lack of beds; 6. No medications in the pharmacy. The conclusion at the bottom reads "What a shame for a university hospital". Pray that all these conditions can be addressed and improvements made to the operations at the haitian state hospitals. The government has quite the challenge as they lack resources themselves.

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Tasha Rae said... i will being praying the government does something. how long do you think it will last? do you think something will really be done to improve it? O Lord i pray.

karen continue to do mighty work for the Lord. i am back in the states and already miss it more than words can express...

blessings on you friend.