Saturday, September 27, 2008

photos - various children - part 1

This is Monique and her family. This lady was the person who found Grace Hope, a baby that was abandoned in the Delmas 31 area. She is a caring mother with 5 children, none of whom are able to attend school. Vanessa of Angel Missions is trying to help them with schooling in the Cite Soleil area.

Widmirtha Mervil has been in the Bernard Mevs Hospital for the last week. This is a picture of pain, hunger and suffering. Keep her in prayer.

Daphka Saint-Vil got approved for her medical visa this week at the US Consulate. She will now be traveling soon to get her lower left leg operated on.

This is Baby Rose who was born with a cleft lip. Here she is at one week of age doing well. Dixie of God's Littlest Angels showed the father how to feed his child for the first time only 6 hours after the baby was born.

This is Biocharla Felix and her mother. The mothers of hydrocephalus children do what they can to help their children but it is very difficult for them to watch their children suffer as their head circumferences increase from fluid build-up in the brain.

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