Saturday, September 27, 2008

photos - various children - part 2

Miliane Pierre is a 1-month-old baby that was born without an anus. Right now she poops and pees from the same place. Pray we can find medical care for her in the United States to repair this deformity.

Dieuna Philippe is the hydrocephalus baby who suddenly died at the clinic she was staying in last week. Here she is with her mother. The shunt surgery reduced the pressure significantly in her brain. You can notice how the bones in her head had been pushed aside due to the large amount of excess fluid in her brain. She is now with the Lord.

Kervens Guerrier will soon get his opportunity for medical care. His left foot is clubbed only. Hopefully we will be able to get his passport paperwork completed this week.

John Charles was abandoned by his family here at Coram Deo. He is now at the Food for the Poor orphanage in Bon Repos. Continue to keep John in prayer.

Vanessa Jules is a baby from the Fond Verrettes area. She is a happy child and high functioning neurologically. Pray we can find medical care for her.

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