Sunday, September 21, 2008

photos - bonnette - part 3

Mud huts don't take much to damage. The hut in the background shows damage to the thatch roof and mud/stick walls. The village of Bonnette held up well during all the rains. The girl that won't look at the camera is Doudeleimy. She recently came back from the United States after surgery to correct her clubbed feet.

Williamise is a young girl who lives in this village. She has hydrocephalus. The family out of superstition believe that if she is operated on she will not be able to walk. She is doing alright but is starting to have seizures probably due to the pressure on her brain.

Paulna is showing off riding on a friends donkey.

This is me sitting on the back end of a donkey.

A herd of sheep walked by near the back part of the village. You would never have known that there was rain in this area. It is already back to being dusty.

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