Sunday, September 21, 2008

photos - bonnett - part 2

The man sitting on the ground is Paulna's father. He is a very hard working man. Here he is working on a handle that he is making for his hoe.

The children are happy in this village and are eager to have their picture taken.

These women are preparing their food. Bonnette is a friendly village. Most of the people living in this village are related.

Evnelson is a young boy who is starting to battle malnutrition. He is now starting to stagger a bit when he walks. His face is dirty because he was eating dirt. This is a common thing for children to do when they are not getting proper nutrition. Keep him in prayer. If he gets worse we are going to suggest to his mother to maybe put him into an orphanage so that he can get proper care. His older brother Evnerson is at Deedee's home and doing well there now. Within a month he was standing and walking.

This lady is known as "Radio Grandma". When we got close to her home she was singing and dancing with this baby in her arms. She was singing the name Remika to get our attention. Remika is a baby that we brought to Holy Angels that was suffering from malnutrition. This woman is Remika's grandmother. Paulna told me her nickname is "Radio Grandma" because she is always entertaining the village with her singing and dancing. She is a jolly woman despite her poverty.

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