Saturday, September 6, 2008

photos - tropical storm hannah - part 1

This is the Riviere Grise that passes in the Duvivier area which is a district off of Route 9. The river ate land on both sides of the river.

First the river ate the land on the far side swallowing land and houses in its path. Then it shifted over and started swallowing the other side. The empty area shows the land that the river removed.

The river worked quickly eroding the sides of the lands.

This man is removing the rebar from his house that collapsed into the river. The house was not on the rivers' edge. All the land in front of it was taken away by the river before his house collapsed.

Lukner's aunt is standing beside him. One of his nieces is pointing out where in the river their house used to be. Even a tractor was swallowed up by the river. It is amazing how strong water is!

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