Sunday, September 21, 2008

photos - chrisno's surgery, various children

Chrisno Jeudi is a hydrocephalus baby that traveled last weekend to the United States for surgery. Vanessa Carpenter of Angel Missions made the arrangements for his surgery and was his escort on the plane ride to Virginia.

Chrisno had his surgery on Tuesday morning and is bouncing back quickly. He is a happy boy and has already captured the hearts of everyone who has met him.

We give the Lord thanks that medical care could be found for him. With this surgery his head will now not grow any larger and over time his body will start to grow to enable him to support his head.

This 4 year old girl was abandoned here at Coram Deo. Holy Angels has taken her into their care. Pray for Tony and Linda's efforts in providing care for her.

Johnly Stelle is a clubbed foot baby that died of a fever during the time of the tropical storms. He is now with the Lord. His father did the best he could to look after his son after the mother died shortly after giving birth to Johnly.

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