Sunday, September 21, 2008

photos - bonnette - part 1

We made a visit with Paulna last weekend to see her family and the other people we know that live in Bonnett. Before the entrance to the village is where the crops are planted. The people of the village grow sugar cane, beans and "pitimi" (millet). This horse is feeding off the grass. There is a nearby "sous" (spring) which causes this land to be fertile. Fortunately the heavy rains didn't affect the crops here.

The road to the village is now a swamp so we parked the pick-up truck and enjoyed a walk to the village. Common transportation for the people living in this village are donkeys.

It was a good day for a walk. I went with the older guys who are part of Coram Deo and Paulna.

We needed to cut through the sugar cane field to bypass the mud.

There was already a path cut through the sugar cane that we followed.

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