Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Teams - Part 8


It's great to see the yard full of patients waiting to see the medical team. The team was kept busy the entire day.

Rudy assisted in calling people up to the front to register.

The new bench holds the weight of all these people with no problem. :)

One of the gate supports came loose and we had to get it fixed right away. It's a good thing that there is a group of welders who work on the sidewalk in front of our wall :)

The railing helps to prevent people from sneaking in line :)

People constantly tried to bud in line and trying to sneak ahead of other people. Here Tanya, Marlene and Jn. Eddy are discussing strategy in controlling the people :)

This is Marlene telling Macdonald to keep an eye on the number cards of the patients.

People of all ales attended the clinic.

The sun was hot and Sandra helped in offering drinks of water to the people who were waiting.

One of the medical team members holding a cute baby.

As the day wore on the size of the crowd decreased.

The pharmacy had lots of helping hands to take care of all the prescriptions.

Dr. Karen and the other team members have made many trips to Haiti for medical clinics. They know which medicines will be most needed at these clinics. Each time they come to Haiti they come with enough medicine to help a lot of people. We give the Lord thanks that people help out here in Haiti providing medical care to the poor.

The next day Tanya and the other team members headed back to Canada. We look forward to their next visit to Haiti. Thanks Angels to Haiti for all your help over the years :)

They left Haiti with less bags than they came with. Thanks for all the things you brought us.

The Angels to Haiti didn't have time to purchase a bed for Eryls' mother. They left us money to purchase these items and after we dropped off the team at the airport we purchased a queen size metal bed frame and mattress from street side vendors. Here the guys are loading up everything for the drive to the refuge camp where Eryls' mother and family live.

The guys had to carry the bed frame through a narrow corridor between the shelters.

It took some manouvering to get the frame through the door of their shelter.

The bed frame takes up a large part of the inside of the shelter.

The shelter is made of tin, wood and plastic. The family was sleeping on the ground of their shelter.

Eryl and his brother Jhonser are both students at our school program here at Coram Deo. We also help his family with food. Pray that his mother can find an activity to be able to support herself and her family.

Now his mother has a bed! Thanks Marlene, Tanya, Sandra and the other Missions of Haiti team for the funds for the bed, mattress and sheets.

The refuge camp where Eryl's mother lives is located off of Delmas 33, near the police station. It is called Camp Adoquin (for the paving stone street that borders both sides of the camp. The owners of the land are threatening to destroy the shelters in the camp. They want the people to leave. Pray for all those who still live in refuge camps. Like Eryl's mother they don't have the means to rent a home.

Pastor Pierre took a break from doing cement work one Saturday morning to attend a seminar.

19 people participated from his group, formed of pastors and church workers from the Kenscoff mountain area, Belladere, Leogane and churches in the Port-au-Prince area.

We drove over to Almicy Charles grounds in the Upper Delmas 31/Hatt area. His grounds are used for a school and a Presbyterian Church.

Harry Zekveld, the pastor of Providence United Reformed Church in Strathroy, Ontario held a seminar based on the theme of Shepherding the Church. A Haitian interpretor translated his words.

65 people participated in the seminar. The time went quickly. At the end of the seminar a meal was served for all the participants.

Pastor Pierre and his group of 19 people, enjoyed the seminar and look forward to future seminars.

Thank you Almicy Charles for inviting Pastor Pierre and his group to participate. Pray for the work of Presbyterian Missions Haiti.

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Len said...

Thanks again for the post Karen, God bless. I'm sorry I haven't got the chance to come yet this year. The pictures really help to stay connected. The place looks great! and thanks for posting the pastor training session info. That's so awesome that it's continuing to happen and benefit the Haitian pastors and church's. Miss you all deeply, say hi to everyone for me please.