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A missionary who I think is one of the best missionaries here in Haiti died yesterday. Dr. Keith and his wife Jan helped a lot of people. They had a heart to help the handicapped here in Haiti. Keith is now in heaven and I know that God will tell him "Well done, good and faithful servant". Pray for Jan and his family as they make funeral arrangements. Keith was with the CVM mission and this obituary notice was on their web site. We will miss you Keith

Celebrating a Life of Serving Christ Through Veterinary Medicine
CVM is sorry to announce the death of Dr. Keith Flanagan on April 3, 2013. After a short illness in Haiti, Keith and Jan were transported to Miami for medical care. Keith passed away early Wednesday morning. Funeral arrangements in the Texhoma, Oklahoma area will be posted as soon as the family can make them.
We rejoice in a life well lived and yet mourn and grieve the loss of a dear brother in Christ, a faithful friend, a passionate kingdom worker, and a faithful servant to the Lord’s work in Haiti. All who know Dr. Keith can reflect on his incredible network of relationships. He is dearly loved by his family, his co-workers in CVM, the incredible numbers of people who he and Jan hosted in Haiti to join them in service, his extensive network of friends and colleagues in the profession of veterinary medicine, and the thousands of Haitian friends who he so faithfully loved and served.
Dr. Keith Flanagan is a 1978 graduate of the college of veterinary medicine at Oklahoma State University. He connected with Christian Veterinary Mission in 1979 and did his first short-term mission trip in 1986 to Haiti. He and Jan proceeded to respond to God’s call to serve the people of Haiti in long-term missions when Keith left for Haiti April 2, 1987 with Jan and their sons Sean and Brian following in June. For the next 26 years, he and Jan poured themselves out in ministry and service to the people of Haiti serving in a variety of roles in ministry and development work. They would host hundreds of short-term volunteers over the years and served faithfully on the CVM team representing the work of the Lord through veterinary medicine at many professional meetings and student events.  

Keith was highly respected for his love and appreciation of the Haitian people and culture as well as for his selfless dedication to development work in Haiti. He served at all levels of development in Haiti, working on nationwide programs of livestock development and disease control. Dr. Flanagan and his Haitian counterparts trained 100’s of village level animal health workers and, in recent years, invested heavily in the work to equip and train Haitian veterinarians trained in Cuba. He was a noted expert on livestock development in Haiti and was often consulted by others who sought to serve. Keith also touched the lives of so many individuals. Keith and Jan opened their home to countless Haitian friends needing help, supporting them in their trials and rejoicing with them in the events of their lives. They are god parents to many young Haitian adults who have been encouraged and supported in their education and personal development. 

Dr. Keith Flanagan had a wonderful set of gifts for a cross-cultural development worker. His practical life skills from growing up on a farm in rural Oklahoma, his networking and strategic thinking skills from his education and experiences in private veterinary practice, and the military and his incredible love for people were all gifts that he poured out in service to the glory of Jesus Christ. He served with joy and a great sense of humor and yet had a passion for justice and seeing those in need empowered in their development. Keith had a heart to be a witness for Jesus Christ and lived that out faithfully in word and deed.

He will be missed! Keith is survived by his incredible wife Jan, his faithful partner in these many years of service. He is also survived by his oldest son Sean, wife Chandra, and their two children. He is also survived by his younger son Brian and wife Robin and the child they are expecting. Keith’s family in Oklahoma includes his mother Rosella Flanagan, brothers Steve and Joe Flanagan, and sister Koleta Ferguson. These family members represent an extended network of family and friends across the United States. We stand with them in celebration of a life well lived and grieve with them in the loss of a dear friend.
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