Monday, April 1, 2013

Teams - Part 5


On our walk in Paulna's village we saw 2 young children watching us in the gateway to their yard.

Another voudou cross with an offering of rum tied to it, plus a covering for shade?

We saw this young mother doing her washing with her baby standing behind her.

At the part of the village that I call downtown Bonnette, is a large church and school, the best built buildings in the village.

A reminder from the earthquake.

As we walked towards our truck we watched this woman walking with a couple of baby goats. I felt sorry for the goats behind dragged by the legs :(

We passed the meadow area and saw this rundown piece of equipment.

This used to be a still, which was used to make haitian moonshine!

This was a homemade vat.

On the ground was some sort of equipment.

We saw a man carrying a bundle of sticks. These sticks are used to make the walls of a mud hut and also used for cooking.

This area is lush and green. A spring is nearby.

In Croix-des-Bouquets in the Village Des Artistes. Metal workers have shops set up throughout the neighbor. Each shop designs their own metal sculptures originating from used oil drums.

Johnny checked out his face in a mirror.

I took a photo of myself :)

This interesting looking piece of artwork was created with forks and spoons.

There were a lot of unique pieces in of art in the shops.

Here is a spoonman!

All of this was created out of a hammer and chisel punch.

Some pieces were really decorative.

One of the workshops.

This man is at work punching holes in sheets of tin.

They put some sort of aluminum paint on the sheets. They are laid out in the sun to dry on grass mats.

The rough product looks not very artistic!

This area of the workshop is where they are sanding the pieces of art in preparation for a coating to be put on.

These artists export some of these items to markets in the United States like Macy's.

Each shop had their own unique items

The guys got bored after awhile and waited in the shade :)

All the art is created with a hammer and chisel.

These sheets eventually form into these lanterns./birdcages.

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