Saturday, April 13, 2013

Kenscoff Mountains - Pastor Pierre - Part 2


Pastor Pierre has a good relationship with the community and also his church congregation. He is a caring person and will seek to find help for those who need it. While visiting with one family a blind man cambe. He is seated in the white chair with his walking stick.

Families try to help each other when they can.

People do what they can to decorate their homes. This woman has a curain hanging up by the front door and also the wall of her door is wall papered with advertisements.

This hard working man proudly posed in front of his home with his wife and children.

Children learn from a young age to contribute to the family. These children are taking a rest after walking a long way with a couple of gallons of water each.

This "lakou" (yard) has several homes on it. As families grow more homes are sometimes added in the lakou.

There are a lot of young children in this community. Women do their best to provide for their family.

Housing styles vary depending on the poverty of the family. This wooden home is more sturdier than others in the community.

It is amazing how the thatched roofs are built. As you can see here they are thick and tight to keep the rain out.

This family even has a front porch.

This is a nice style home with plenty of windows for air circulation. a lace curtain hangs in the doorway.

This home is the fruit of the efforts of this older man. It is more difficult for the younger generation to build their homes. Deforestation for making charcoal has decimated the wood sources for people. In the past more people constructed their family out of wood.

The man's wife is bringing out some food for her husband.

They sit and relax in the shade.

Landslides occur sometimes in the mountains. A large section of land was lost in this particular landslide.

It is more common now to see the mud walled homes.

Family and friends gather near this photo to get their picture taken :)

A couple mothers holding their children. The child on the left has orangey coloroed hair which is the mark of malnutrition. It is a battle for these people to find enough food for their families.

This was the most colorful house in the area! The walls looks like they were whitewashed recently.

A mother and her children standing next to the heart painting

It is common to see grafitti on the walls in Port-au-Prince. This home had lots of different decorations. I think the children go ahold of some paint!

It sure does brighten up their home with the colors on the walls.

Bath time for this young girl.

Pastor Pierre comes from this community. Some of the children pictured here are relatives of his.

Here are some of the older children.

Here are some of the younger children.

A father who is sick is relaxing on a grass mat in his lakou.

Another lakou community.

These girls were dressed up ready to go somewhere.

This young girl was peeking around the corner of her home.

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