Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Teams - Part 7


This is Joanna. During the school week she is a teacher's assistant in the kindergarten class. She is serious about bringing food :)

There are always people volunteering to go with us to the hospital at meal time. Here Aldai is helping to carry in plates of food to the mothers.

Eryl is always the first person who volunteers to help. He has a caring heart.

This is Joanna's helper.

Our little friend is recovering well from his ventriculoscopy surgery. Here he is about to get poked to start an iv.

He was telling the nurse to stop and not to poke him. His mother was laughing :)

To help distract his attention his mother started to sing a song and the boy joined in :)

This boy is doing well the day after surgery and is enjoying his plate of spaghetti :)

We were blessed to have a large community clinic. Dr. Karen McCarthy and her team from Jacksonville, Fl spent a busy day with us. Because of the line of people at the gate Jim had his guys unload the boxes of medical supplies on the street in front of our gate.

Jim's van is large and can carry a lot of people and luggage too.

Earlier people at the gate were pushing and shoving to get inside. Johnny and the guys had to use their weight to force the gate shut. Here is a group of people trying to get inside.

In a short period of time our yard was full!

While the team set up Pastor Marcelin opened the clinic with prayer.

We had a busy day hosting a clinic at our place and bringing food to the hospital for the hydrocephalus mothers and their children

In the morning we brought sandwiches for the mothers.

Our young friend is doing well and was discharged that day.

The pharmacy was kept busy filling in the doctor's prescriptions.

Marlene and the rest of the team worked together with Dr. Karen's team.

They came with a large supply of reading glasses of different strengths. This lady is testing out a pair.

Another section of the pharmacy.

Jim had translators working together with the team workers to aid in explaining how to take the medicines.

It was great to see so many people get help!

People waited for a few hours for their turn to see the doctors.

We closed the school for the day and a couple of the teachers helped with registering the patients.

Tanya was kept busy trying to keep people from sneaking in ahead of their turn :)

The McCarthys make a good team :)

The new bench was well used.

Dr. Karen's team always comes with medicines and treats for the children too!

They worked non-stop during the day.

The registration table was a busy place. All the patients registered at the table before being handed a form for the doctor to complete. We give the Lord thanks for teams that come to Haiti to help out the Haitian people :)

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