Monday, April 15, 2013

Kenscoff Mountains - Pastor Pierre - Part 3


Pastor Pierre regularly visits people in the community where his 2 churches are located. They come to him sometimes with their problems.

This woman is handicapped and has no family. People in the community donated these supplies for her to form a partial shelter. This woman is one of the poorest of the poor in the community. She has nothing.

These people use this fallen log as a bench. Combing and braiding hair is a common activity with the girls.

The people who live in the "lakous" keep an eye out on each other.

This woman and her son are preparing to head out and walk somewhere. She is checking him out to make sure he is ready to go with her.

This hut has fallen into disrepair. The thatched roof is starting to fall apart. Once this starts to happen leaks develop.

A young boy wearing borrowed cowboy boots from an older brother. People aren't fussy. They wear what they can put on their feet. It doesn't matter if it is a few sizes too large.

Ermichael is Pastor Pierre's older son. He is holding his younger brother Jeff Jr. (named after my cousin)

We help pay the tuition for Ermichael who is in his 4th year of secondary school. We also pay the tuition for his older sister Carline, who is in her last Philo year of secondary school this year.

Milus Pierre is another of Pastor Pierre's children. He suffers from seizures which is kept somewhat under control with medication. He suffered some brain damage from seizure activity when he was younger and is paralyzed on his left side. It was Pastor Pierre's search for medical care for his son Milus that connected us originally with Pastor Pierre. Pastor Pierre understands the plight of the handicapped as he has a handicapped son himself. Pray for Milus that his seizures continue to respond to the medication.

Hurricane season does a lot of damage up in the mountains. The wind strength is always higher in the mountains. Here are some remnants of a roof that was torn off last hurricane season.

This smiling woman is Pastor Pierre's wife. This is the inside of their home.

They grow bananas and other things around their property.

Ermichael is making a "rechaud", a haitian cooking stove.

Jeff is helping out his father by holding onto the camera case :)

Ermichael climbed up the avocado tree to pluck the ripe avocados.

There is a water source near their house.

Nieces and nephews of Pastor Pierre carrying some homemade juice.

Pastor Pierre visited one of the churches that he has contacts with. The congregation rents the building. No money for benches though. People sit on the ground during the service.

One of the workers who assist Pastor Pierre in his outreach.

A sand pile near the edge of the mountain road. Sand is shoveled into bags and carried further into the mountains.

A mountain road.

A view of Pastor Pierre's mountain top church. What a view!

The front of the church.

Inside the church stands one of the leaders.

A Reformed Church banner hangs inside with various bible verses listed and at the bottom it reads Jesus is King

A young girl in the community near the church.

This toddler doesn't look too happy.

A cooking shelter for this family.

A couple members of the congregation working in their field. Terrace farming is practised in the Kenscoff area to help prevent erosion. This is a crop of onions.

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