Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Shower Project - Part 4


Here is the completed Coram Deo logo :) Thank you to all who provide support here at Coram Deo!

The wall is also a tribute to the handicapped of Haiti.... that they are not forgotten.

And this funny picture represents that life goes on with support from others.

Benson loves to design things and says he wants to be an artist one day. He sat down on this rock and attempted to copy the designs from the wall onto a piece of paper.

Ysmaille came over with the finished water tower support and the guys got to work anchoring it.

Now everyone doesn't have to take bucket showers.

Tim made the final connection of the piping to the tank and then was the first person to try out the shower. It works great!

Here is the view of the cement benches located in the back corner under the trees. A nice shady place to relax!

We made an improvement to our water system as well. Along with the Dinepa water the city runs through the water lines we also collect the rain water that falls from the roof into our water cistern. We purchased a water filter to filter out the sediments. This system is the same system that Tim has at his home in Canada. We purchased the system here in Haiti and the cartridge refills are inexpensive.

The filtered water then goes through our UV filter that zaps any bacteria that may be in the drinking water and we now have clean drinking water. We were paying $30 a week in drinking water. Now our costs are $0! The Dinepa water company is also sending more water down the lines and in the last couple of months we haven't had to purchase any water truck loads to fill up our cistern!

Pastor Pierre and the cement boss made some repairs to the old shower area.

... and now it is ready to be used by the school children.

We filled in the gaps in the wall to improve security.

This little improvement was done quickly.

Here is a view along the length of the back wall. 3 classes use this area. At the end of January my cousin Jeff is coming to Haiti and will hopefully be able to construct another school shelter along front wall. This will then free up some space and the students will be sitting comfortably under the shelters :)

Another phase of our property improvements for a future project will be making walkways along the perimeter of the property. We are blocking off access to the house. Sometimes the mud is tracked into the house as people walk across the yard and into the house.

We will extend this section and cement it. The idea is to create a hedge alongside and put plant pots along this area.

It didn't take long for the guys to finish it.

It sure is exciting to see the vision taking place of how to improve the property and adapt it to the people who come in the yard.

The cement boss is parging the section.

A length-wise view.

A small repair was made alongside the back of the school shelter.

While the work was going on a couple of the classes sat under the trees. This open air concept works :)

A young girl in Canada at the Providence United Reformed Church held a birthday party and all the children who attended made these decorations for children in our school program. Thank you for thinking of our students :)

It is good to see the support of people in Canada:)

The cildren enjoyed the designs.

They were appreciated by all :)

We will have to do the same and send decorations for school children in Canada :)

These are our youngest children who live here at Coram Deo. Benson, Manu and Calens.

Eryl is a quiet teenager who comes from a poor background. His mother and family live in a refuge camp. He is a wlecome addition to Coram Deo and is quick to lend a hand when work needs to be done. From everyone here at Coram Deo, Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!

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