Thursday, December 27, 2012

Coram Deo Christmas


One week before Christmas we held a combination parent/teacher meeting and christmas party for the students here at Coram Deo. In this photo Josue Marcelin, the teacher of the 5eme/6eme AF class is talking to a mother about a students' report card.

The teachers did a good job of organizing the parent meeting.

Eryl is looking at the report card of his younger brother Jhonser.

It was a festive atmosphere! The children and teachers decorated the yard for the occassion.

Gelia Denis and Node Transtama are the teachers of the Kindergarten 1 class. Both these teachers are handicapped. Gelia became an amputee after the earthquake when her home collapsed. She was evacuated to Guadaloupe for medical treatment . She walks well with her prosthetic leg. Node Transtama has a neuro muscular disease and relies on a wheelchair to get around. They are both caring teachers and we are blessed to have them here.

It was good to see so many of the parents attending the meeting.

These girls are showing each other their report cards.

These boys are intently examinig this report card.

Our young adults here at Coram Deo eagerly assist with the school program.

An education is important for parents. So many parents can not send children to school because of their poverty.

Everyone enjoyed the christmas decorations :)

Pastor Marcelin and his son Amos are looking at one of the report cards.

The teachers do their best to teach the students and the parents respect this. Our teachers are students themselves and continuing on with their post-secondary studies.

Once the parent/teacher meeting ended the party began! Some of the children prepared the many slices of bread for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!

The school children crammed the benches in anticipation of receiving goodies.

The children looked into their goodie bags to see what was in them :)

And then they all quickly tied up their bags so nobody would steal their treasures :)

It was fun watching the children's faces as they received their goodie bags!

These bags were well protected by the young students and they waited until they got home to enjoy their treats :)

We have 105 students this year in our school program here at Coram Deo

We'll need to make some more benches for our meetings ;)

Next was music time while the children were fed sandwiches and pop.

Here are 2 of the students from the kindergarten class.

Amos is a big kid at heart and enjoyed eating candy!

It sure was funny watching the children secure their goody bags!

These girls were all watching one girl eat her sandwich :)

This young boy holding his gift bag is "Rocky", Rudy's younger brother.

Once the party was over we moved the christmas tree into my bedroom/office/depot. I love christmas trees!

Our cat is hiding behind the tree. He loves the christmas tree too, especially all the dangling balls hanging from it!

He amused himself for hours batting at the balls and knocking them off the tree

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Rosalyn said...

Love the pictures of all the children! Thank you so much. What is the cats name? Very cute! Our cat did the same thing with our tree. We left her at home for a couple days at Christmas to go to my parents, and came back to a bunch of decorations off the tree and all over the house :)