Saturday, December 29, 2012

Auburn United Methodist Church Medical Team


A medical team from Auburn United Methodist Church came here to hold medical and dental clincs on December 13, 14, and 15. The first clinic day the teachers worked on their report cards. Here are Node Transtama and Gelia Denis preparing the report cards for the students in the Kindergarten 1 class.

We purchased a megaphone to help in getting out the word for events here at Coram Deo. Here is Eryl preparing to head down to the Cite Jeremie, Cite Aux-Cayes area.

Here is the waiting area.

For the dental patients, Rudy wrote the patients names into the patient log.

Macdonald and Jn. Eddy helped out with translating at the registration table.

The kitchen area was used as a consultation area.

We have a large kitchen. One day we might be able to have a physiotherapy room in the kitchen. That is what I am praying for.

The living room was an active place for pharmacy and consultations.

Students from Christian Light School helped out with translating.

These patients are waiting at the pharmacy station.

The dental clinic was a busy place! Lots of people wanted to obtain dental care.

The dental station used the back part of the living room.

Here is Ed's dental chair. The team made good use of it!

Here is a patient preparing to meet the dentist!

The team and the translators interacted well.

Speaking english is an advantage for Haitians. More opportunities are available for them with the many teams and missions that come to Haiti.

A young mother with her baby is waiting at the registration table.

Rudy is a good organizer! Here he is standing by the gate and showing people where to sit.

It is great to watch the medical teams work. Lots of people receive medical care :)

Jn. Eddy is explaining the clinic procedures to the people in the waiting area.

The last day more children came to the clinic. The last day is always the busiest days. Word gets around. We had to turn away people at the gate the last day.

Here is a busy kitchen/consultation area!

A lot of people can sit in our kitchen at one time :)

This is the pharmacy station.

Lots of consultations going on at the same time!

The registration table kept busy.

Yonel is keeping a watchful eye on the waiting area.

The team came with a portable dental equipment. This enabled the dentist to do his work. Ed has one of these units as well. We are praying for a way to get the donated dental equipment from a dentist in Wyoming to Haiti so that we can have all the equipment for a dentist to do his work, even an xray machine!

While the clinic was going on Blackbeard the cat and Lucky the dog dozed on my bed :)

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