Saturday, December 22, 2012

Shower Project - Part 2


The 2 tile installers were experienced and were doing a good job at laying the tiles.

Having tiles on the walls and floor will help in keeping the shower cleaner.

We rely on Loutese at finding good laborers when we don't have teams here at Coram Deo.

The tile worker enjoys his jobs and the compliments we gave him in doing a good job :)

The tile installation was done over 2 days.

Here is the finished product! the floor tiles have a rough texture so that people won't slip when there is water on the floor.

This stool is the water bucket holder so that people don't have to bend down as much to scoop out water when bathing.

Calens did a good job at supervising :) Here he is helping to sweep up.

Erol is a good painter and he got to work at priming the walls of the shower change room.

2 coats of white paint and the walls were ready for the finishing coat.

Pastor Pierre attended an earthquake building course and learned a technique in making concrete benches.

Manu is inspecting the shower.

The finish coat of paint was a "peche" color that blended in well with the tile colors.

When Erol was finished at painting the inside of the shower room he started on the outside walls.

The outside color is "terre cuite".

Erol repainted the entire dorm walls. The shower room fits in well with the dormitory. Here is the finished product :)

Pastor Pierre got to work at cutting the rebar for the cement bench frame.

The cement pour will form the bench.

Here is the bench seat taking form.

Cement blocks were used as the legs of the bench. when Pastor Pierre knocked some holes in the wall I didn't understand but he said that he would anchor the bench to the wall.

Once the anchors were created the holes were filled in.

Here is what the bench looks from a distance.

The cement boss and Pastor Pierre got to work at parging the finish coat on the floor.

The front corner of the yard is shaping up with the final ground parge.

After the front corner was done the guys went to the other side of the yard to build some more cement benches.

The trees provide shade for people sitting in this back section of the yard.

Time made a visit to Haiti and helped out with taking down the old shower and pitched in to carry the bench seats.

As you can see the benches are heavy!

3 benches were created in the back corner of the yard near the outside kitchen.

The national flower of Haiti is the hibiscus. We have one large hibiscus bush and are planting more plants to form a hibiscus hedge. We'll see in a couple of years how the hedge takes form :)

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