Monday, December 24, 2012

Shower Project - Part 3


We are doing a landscaping project to the yard. Here are some of the shrubs, trees that we purchased.

We want to brighten up the yard with these plants.

Before starting the work projects for the day, we laid out the plants where we wanted them planted.

Pastor Pierre lives in the mountains of Kenscoff and knows a lot about plants.

We made a plan to install a small shower tank by the new shower.

Ysmaille and his workers got to work on building the steel water tower.

Tim and the guys bashed down that old shower in no time at all :)

Everyone took turns to see who had the most strength :)

The younger guys took turns hauling the rubble to the street.

It was a party atmosphere as the end got in sight :)

Now we will have more room to extend the class rooms.

Almost done!

Time to celebrate!

The last 2 loads of rubble is ready to head out to the street. We called in a dump truck to haul away the rubble from the side of the street.

Now that everything was cleared away work was started to install the piping from the water pump to the new shower.

Erol and Tim made quick work of the piping installation.

We made the piping less visible by running it under the shelter roof.

With some cement repairs this new open space will be as good as new!

Bony is an artist and got to work on designing a logo on the side wall by the shower.

This area of the yard is a tribute to all those who participate in the work here at Coram Deo. Thanks to Americans, Canadians and Haitians that help us here at Coram Deo to help the Haitian people :)

Here are the partially finished flags of Haiti and Canada.

Johnny is sitting on the new cement bench watching the progress of the designs.

The difficult painting part is the middle of the Haitian flag. It is quite detailed. Amos is showing his patriotism!

Bony had a crowd throughout the painting process.

The difficult part of the flag is being designed now.

the children are holding up the model Haitian flag for Bony.

Bony did a great job of painting.

Liberty, Equality and Fraternity are 3 words on the Haitian flag. Together we help to provide freedom and equality for the poor and handicapped of Haiti.

Everyone in the yard came to admire the work being done on the wall. Notice there is a logo of an amputee soccer player on the wall.

A tribute to those who became handicapped during the earthquake and who are carrying on with their lives.

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