Friday, December 28, 2012

Christian Light School Christmas Program


The week before Christmas we went to the Christian Light School Christmas Program. Sherri Fausey is a friend who lives in the same neighborhood as I do. When she has medical teams they will do clinics here at Coram Deo. Manu and Benson both attend school and were participating in the Christmas program. Sherri and her teachers organized a great christmas program!

Benson is in Grade 3. He is staniding in the back row.

Here is a close up shot of Benson.

His class mates sang well.

Children from different classes were dressed in costume while singing a couple of songs.

The costumes were cute!

The star of the show was this young boy with his hands outstretched :)

Manu was standing watching the other classes perform.

Manu's Grade 7 class came to the front to sing a couple of songs. Manu is in the back row standing at the far right side of the photo. All the children were dressed in their best clothes. I gave money to Manu to find some dress clothes and he came back with a nice outfit. Manu was proud that he was wearing the same style shirt as the school director pictured here holding the microphone!

Manu's friend Kelly is standing beside him. Manu really wanted to sing a solo but instead he sang the "echo" part of the song they were singing :)

It was a busy day driving around running errands that day and I just made it back in time for the beginning of the Christmas program. Eryl and Calens joined me in the crowd.

After the program I took a picture of Benson with the new clothes that he bought standing in front of his school.

A visitor designed this mural and a couple others on Sherri's wall. She sure is a good artist!

It was a fun program and Benson walked back with his arm over Calens shoulder. Benson has a good heart and cares a lot for people. Not very often does he get into trouble.

Manu decided to sell his pet chicken so that he could have some money for Christmas.

His chicken was cute! Now he will have to raise another chicken for next year :)

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