Tuesday, July 3, 2012


(Haiti Libre) -

Jean Baptiste Clark Neptune, Director General of Taxes (DGI) with the Secretary of State for Tax Reform, headed by Ronald December, Secretary of State for Tax Reform, met yesterday Monday, with all directors of the DGI of the entire country, in order to discuss the strengthening of the campaign against tax evasion and smuggling.

Ronald D├ęcembre declared, "[...] All regional directorates are here, so that we can give them guidance, because they are the point of operations [...] to give them support, so that operations continue smoothly with all the interactions that must exist between all institutions [...]

We took the opportunity to discuss a set of problems at the level of the DGI, for example the problem of license plates. We know there are a number of vehicles circulating among others, with Dominican plates... We instructed the departmental Director of the DGI, so that they arrange with the police, to avoid that there are vehicles traveling with plates that are not national plates.

[...] The other problem we have posed, is related to interconnection, that must exist of the computer system. To obtain a performance of tax administration, it can not be obtained without interconnection links between computer systems that process data. We looked at the problems in each Departmental Directorate and provided solutions for the situation to be regularized. Because a taxpayer has the right to go to another Departmental Directorate, if his information is not stored in the system, it becomes difficult for the Director of the DGI, to take measures for, perhaps recovery of the declaration made by these taxpayers.

We also posed the problem of screening, which must be done in the short and medium term so that we can broaden the tax base. Currently, there are a number of taxpayers who are not registered; some have good incomes and do not contribute to the tax system. On this point, the DGI has already set up brigades to identify all niches, all these sources of taxes, sleeping and so far untaxed..."

In his speech, Jean Baptiste Clark Neptune explained "[...] While we do that, we will also set up structures so that the taxpayer be able to fulfill his tax duty, without having to walk for two days to an administration, without being able to obtain a license plate... All that goes into a proximity policy that we want to lead with taxpayers [...] in the coming years, the DGI has two major problems to solve. Firstly, create a real central government, and secondly, be an administration that is close to the taxpayer. Within a week or two we will have a national screening program of new taxpayers that will start and will run throughout. This program is a true census of the tax base, which will be made ​​from new technologies..."

Regarding the racketeer problem [illegal facilitators], Ronald D├ęcembre has informed "[...] There's a bunch of people who gather outside the DGI, and who are not employees [...] the problem has been presented with the Director, and we will give a response to this situation [.. .] in the short term the Director will take steps to ensure that all those people in front of the administration leave, so that the taxpayer feels safe, because a taxpayer is not an enemy of the administration, a taxpayer must be a person who who is there to work with the administration and, the tax administration should be a facilitator for him, and not an obstacle for him... We will decongest all the tax and customs administrations of all these people who are encrusted..."

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