Monday, July 2, 2012


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The Minustah launched last week, two projects to provide drinking water in Pointe des Mangles and Bonald, situated west of Gonaïves, and to the town of Saut d'Eau and of localities in Rivière Canot and Noyau...

Pointe des Mangles and Bonald :
This project aims to increase the availability of drinking water to approximately 20 liters per person per day for the agglomerations of Pointe des Mangles and Bonald, two localities situated west of Gonaïves. The NGO Agro Action Allemande (AAA), responsible for carrying out the work, will install galvanized pipe over a length of 11 km, to bring water from La Tiplace, a remote community where there flows a spring, to these two cities, who don't have one. Seven tanks will also be built, with five in Pointes des Mangles, and two in Bonald. This project is funded by the United Nations Mission for Stabilization in Haiti (MINUSTAH), to the tune of $95,000 U.S. dollars.

Town of Saut d'Eau:
A rehabilitation project and an extension of a water supply system in the municipality of Saut d'Eau, was launched in the presence of the Deputy delegate of the arrondissement of Saut d'Eau, residents, religious, and community leaders, representatives of the Civil Affairs Section of the Minustah, and the organization running the project. Funded by the Minustah to the tune of U.S. $97,000, this work will enable 19,000 inhabitants of the downtown of Saut d'Eau, and of the localities of Rivière Canot and Noyau, to have access to drinking water.

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