Wednesday, July 4, 2012


(Haiti Libre) -

On Monday, President Michel Martelly, accompanied by former Senator Joseph Lambert and Senators Wencesclass Lambert and Edwin Zenny [Edo], was on tour in the Department of the South-East where he visited successively, the towns of Baie d'Orange, Mare Briole, Calumette, and the town of Belle-Anse, to assess for himself, the living conditions of the people, and to see the real state of road infrastructure in this department.

In the different localities where he stopped, President Martelly received a very warm welcome from the population, who came en masse to applaud him and bring him their claims, of which the principal one is the construction of the road from Peredo to Belle-Anse.

During this tour, the President of the Republic proceeded to the distribution of 10,000 food kits and, as a sign of encouragement to the livestock sector, has symbolically handed over more than a hundred young goats to various community associations in the Municipality of Belle-Anse.

In the town of Belle-Anse, isolated because of lack of roads, where he was welcomed by members of the municipal cartel, and the deputies of neighboring constituencies, the claims were more numerous; .... the construction of the road, construction of a hospital and a high school, and the modernization of the fisheries sector, the pillar of the economy for the region. These are also priorities for the Bellansois.

The Head of State, who refuses to make empty promises, has nevertheless promised to intervene with the Minister of Public Works, so that appropriate efforts be undertaken to improve the conditions of the road, waiting to find the necessary funds for the construction of this access road, which has existed for decades.

President Martelly stressed that all the beauty and the wealth of the Borough of Belle-Anse are useless, if they do not benefit the population. The development of this zone of the country must necessarily pass through its opening up and the enhancement of its agricultural resources and tourism, asking the various elected of the South East, to be united in their desire to bring real change in their department, and for the wellness of their populations.

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