Tuesday, July 3, 2012


(Haiti Libre) -

Yesterday, Monday, July 2, under the leadership of President Michel Martelly, a special Council of Ministers was held, during which the government team, led by Prime Minister, Laurent Lamothe reviewed the issue of contracts signed in 2010 by the former Préval-Bellerive government. In this regard, decisions have been adopted.

The Prime Minister stated that the Audit Commission, formed by the former Conille government, recommended to unilaterally cancel contracts for which no disbursement was made. He also stressed that according to the Superior Court of Auditors and Administrative Disputes (CSC/CA), in its final legal advice on the audit report, transmitted to the Government, that the contracts were awarded legally and in accordance with the Emergency Law. The Superior Court of Auditors said, however, to have no objection so that the recommendations of the Audit Commission are implemented.

In this sense, the Prime Minister has clearly shown his determination to put an end to this controversy, by proposing to the Council of Ministers to implement the recommendations produced by the Audit Commission, and has instructed the Ministry of Planning and External Cooperation to make the follow up with the exception of two cases:

1 - The Bowenfield contract, for which a large amount was disbursed and reassigned to rehabilitation of the premises of the Villa d'Accueil, to the construction of the Ministry of Interior and Local Authorities, and to the construction of departmental sports fields.

2 - The contract for the construction of the Parliament buildings.

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