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Tuesday, Jean Rodolphe Joazile, the Minister of Defense proceeded to the installation of Mr. Carel Alexandre as the new Director General within the Ministry of Defence. Reputed to be close to President Martelly, Mr. Alexander, a former commander of the Corps of Intervention and Maintenance of Order (CIMO), was the former head of presidential security. Appointed by presidential decree, Mr. Alexander will alongside the Minister play "a coordinating role, of monitoring and as a liaison with all the technical and External Services under the Ministry." During this installation, the Minister and the new Director General presented a speech for the occasion.

Speech of Minister Jean Rodolphe Joazile:"[...] Ladies and Gentlemen;

Dear Carel,

Happiness is elusive!

But at the crossroads of destiny, it can not always be tame. Is it not Carel, that ours is full? Our fates are filled this summer afternoon. We celebrate this reunion in vivifying the trade of Man. Of a Haitien-Man - for a long time we chose to assume this. Of a Citizen-Man as I was, for some time, the privilege to encourage you to be, by bearing you, with the officers of my promotion, towards the profession of arms. Thus guiding your young steps towards honor.

Yes, and I have no doubt of your membership in this option. The first stone of the building will have to fit within the direction of responses to provide for the natural events that overwhelm us too often. They should aim at building the civic spirit and engagement, for the operationalization of the compulsory Joint Civilian Service as indicated by our fundamental charter. In short, they must, these stones, be used to stone the horror in all its forms that will notify of being present in our lives of quiet people.

All this while while progressively there will be built a new defense force whose military mission in peacetime, so ideally at all times, will join fully the accompaniment of civil defense agencies to be determined.

It is there, my dear Carel, exhilarating! Because, this is indeed what it is; by restoring the Ministry of Defence, 'la gaguère' that has taken the legitimate authority, in complete accord with our gods. These tutelary gods to the manna too often ignored, is neither more nor less the reconquest of the sovereign attributes, from which will have come off, with the same panache that recurrent force of the inescapable image of the indigenous armies. Those that made 1804 and gave us this land in legacy.

You join me, my brother, in full battle. And I know that I can rely on you to have and reap victories. Even if every time that we will have the choice of weapons, we will not hesitate to choose those of the dialectic of the mind that have proven themselves enough in the pursuit of life.

In this vein, you will not be surprised by the emphasis that I have decided, initially, to put on the site that awaits you. That, my friend and brother, is the laborious field where I like to invite you, here and now.

That the gods are helping us !"

Jean Rodolphe JOAZILE, Minister

Speech of Carel Alexandre, Director General of the Ministry of Defence:

"Mr. Defense Minister,

Ladies / Gentlemen,

Let me first express my gratitude to the President of the Republic, not only for the confidence he has honored me by making the choice today of myself as the head of the Directorate General of this Ministry, but also for the possibility he gave me to serve once again my country, in an important level of responsibility.

I would be remiss not to give here, to the Prime Minister and to the Head of State, the assurance of my devotion, and the guarantee to put all my knowledge and my skill at the service of this Ministry, and to the benefit of the achieving of the objectives they have defined themselves, as part of their vision of the State, or in the general government policy in defense matters.

I would like also to take this opportunity to express to Minister Jean Rodolphe Joazile my deepest respects and offer my natural, full, and sincere collaboration in the conduct of the actions of this Ministry.

Ladies / Gentlemen,

After almost two decades of suppression of the Ministry of Defence in the Haitian political-administrative structure, it is not surprising, that no one still wonder, in the interest of restoring this regalian feature of the State, in a diplomatic and economic context

However, despite the difficult political and financial considerations of the moment, we must also admit that the defense function, in a country like Haiti, has never been so necessary, imperative, and even vital.

Indeed, because of the emergence of a new national and international phenomena of the State and detrimental to the welfare of citizens, the function of national defense is no longer restricted, in the contemporary world, to protect the civilian population against only the threats foreign military.

In a world beset with terrorism, as well as environmental threats of all kinds, politicians have today, we must recognize it, multidimensional objectives. This is in fact, not only to prevent or suppress the acts of armed violence both internal or external, that threaten the safety of the State policy, but also and especially to protect and assist the civilian population in case of major natural events.

These are exactly as much reasons that justify the necessitate to rehabilitate this Ministry today and that inspires, I have no doubt, the action lines of the current Ministry of Defence. And, it's obvious to this vision, that I will endeavor as Director General of this Ministry."

Carel ALEXANDRE, Director General

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