Monday, December 15, 2008

photos - various

This is a Chrisno Christmas Greeting from Santa Chrisno! Chrisno Jeudi is enjoying himself in Virginia with his host family. We give the Lord thanks that he was able to get surgery to treat his hydrocephalus and that he is doing so well post surgery.

Marienne, is a 14 year old girl who was injured in the La Promesse School collapse one month ago. She is now recovering after receiving surgery on Thursday. Paul of Angel Missions organized her care.

This man is from Jeremie and he is now doing better. He is making efforts to walk now. We give the Lord thanks for His healing mercies.

This man is a prisoner who has been in General Hospital for a few months now. His other leg is hidden under the sheet and is chained to the bed. He appreciates our visits. Pray for those stuck in the hospital.

We give the Lord thanks for this donation of food that we were able to purchase after receiving donation of funds from another organization.

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