Saturday, December 6, 2008

photos - medical clinic - people - part 2

The team came with a lot of medicines for the people. Here are people waiting in line to get their prescriptions filled.

After receiving their medicine they exited the yard. It was nice as the day went on seeing less and less people in the yard!

These 3 children are all from the same family and all 3 have skin infections. The grandmother can't look after them and is seeking assistance. Maybe we can find an orphanage that can help them out. The grandmother is handicapped and can not walk far. We gave the family a ride home at the end of the day.

I have known Roseanne for 13 years now. She has 9 children. She has not been feeling well the last week and her health has deteriorated. Hopefully the medicine she received will help her. She makes a living selling haitian crafts to tourists at local guesthouses. Every time she visits she brings me a souvenir as a gift. This time she brought a small stone statue.

This mother is keeping an eye out on her son. They come from the Kenscoff area.

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