Monday, December 22, 2008

photos - plastic surgery - part 2

Emerson Simplice is a young boy who went to the United States for surgery. He is doing well. His one eye is blind because he can't close his eyelid. The doctors decided they couldn't do plastic surgery on his eyelid at this time. One day he will need to travel to the United States to get his eye removed and a prosthetic eye be put in place. Then he will be able to get further plastic surgery on his eyelid.

This 2 year old girl has been raised by her father since she was 3 months old. The mother didn't want her because of her cleft lip. They are from the Leogane area.

Here she is the next morning after surgery as they were preparing to travel back to Leogane. With the donation of stuffed animals that we received this week we were able to give the children a stuffed animal before they went home. Pray for this father as he raises his daughter by himself.

This baby's lips are a little swollen but they will look better once the swelling goes down.

The medical team gave this young boy a toy that plays music. I couldn't get him to stand still for the picture because he wouldn't stop dancing. He was on his way to go home and provided the team with some entertainment before they started surgeries in the morning!

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