Monday, December 29, 2008

photos - plastic surgeries

Rose Sthergelie Sobia now has her cleft lip repaired. We first met Rose on the day she was born when her concerned father came to Coram Deo looking for help. Her parents have done a good job looking after her.

This baby too has a changed face!

Michkardel Poutoute had a skin graft done on the scar on the top part of her ankle. This surgery will improve the mobility of her ankle

This is a photo of Jameson Glezil the next day after surgery for his cleft palate. The doctors tied his tongue down for the first day but removed the suture the next day when he was discharged. His mouth has been sore but hopefully will heal well.

Jimmy Jean had surgery on the acid burn scar tissue on his shoulder. We gave him a ride home when he was discharged. His shoulder was immobilized for a few days to allow healing of the surgical site.

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