Monday, December 29, 2008

photos - hydrocepahlus children

Jovani Vervil is a 9-month-old baby with hydrocephalus. She is very alert neurologically.

Biocharla Felix has a large head but her mother is doing a good job at preventing pressure sores on her head.

Winghie Petit-Homme is a 5-month-old baby who has spina bifida. She also has hydrocephalus. She recently had surgery in November but the father came to us this week saying that her head is growing again.

He also said that the spina bifida bulge on her back is also getting larger. Pray we can find medical care for her to treat the spina bifida.

This photo of Phoebe Etienne is from October 2007 when she received a ventriculoscopy to treat her hydrocephalus. She is a bright girl. I visited her this week after meeting her mother on Delmas 95. She has been complaining of headaches. Hopefully we can find out what is causing them.

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