Monday, December 22, 2008

photos - various events

Here are the "Choir Boys"! Benson, Jacob and Manu. They had a christmas program at the mission school they attend; Christian Light School. All the classes performed well for the parents and visitors. At least the children stayed clean for the program. It is tough to keep boys from dirtying up their Sunday best!

There was a meeting with the parents in our school program on Friday morning here at Coram Deo. The teachers explained what the children learned during the first semester and also how the parents could help their children to improve their grades. Our dog "Shilo" stayed at the front to make sure everyone stayed in their seat!

At the end of the meeting the first semester report cards were handed out to the parents. The school program is now closed for Christmas break until January 5th when the second semester begins.

At the end of the week we received a donation of Feed My Starving Children food boxes as well as boxes of clothing, and stuffed animals from Love a Child. It didn't take long for the pickup truck to be unloaded with all these helping hands assisting. The food came at just the right time! We are providing meals at the hospital for the parents and children who will be receiving plastic surgery at Hopital La Paix this weekend. We will also hand out the stuffed animals to the children as well. We give the Lord thanks for this donation!

Another donation that was from Love a Child was a big sack of animal cookies! The children enjoyed them. The dog was hoping to get a taste too but I don't think any of the children were willing to share!

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