Saturday, August 30, 2008

photos - various events

Monday was the first day back to school for Benson, Jacob and Manu. They enjoy going to school!

Dieunette came back from the United States on Thursday. She looks great and her head is now normal. She now has the opportunity for a normal life span.

The host family came with Dieunette . Dieunette's mother is standing next to the host family. It was a difficult time for them to say goodbye.

Lovinsky is an 11 month old boy whose mother can no longer look after him. We are going to help her to place him in an orphanage.

Outside the Food for the Poor mission this man was shot dead by the security guard after a disturbance by people waiting for cooked food handouts. 16-20 other people were injured by the shotgun pellets. I think that this man was just standing in the wrong place.

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