Sunday, August 17, 2008

photos - swimming in Tou Kayman

This is the natural "sous" (spring) in Tou Kayman ("Crocodile Hole") where the local women wash their clothes and also where the villagers go to swim. The water was clean and not deep. It was perfect for the children.

Everyone jumped into the water with the water toys and had a lot of fun!

Paulna and one of the other children are sitting on some rocks in the creek behind the rock wall of the cliff. The water from the spring flows as a small waterfall over the rock wall.

Even John Charles bathed in the water with his mother. The family enjoyed this outing.

Here is another photo of the children playing in the "sous".


david santos said...

Have a nice Day.

Cindy said...

The swimming hole looks like so much fun! Wish I could hsve come too. Cindy Hodge