Saturday, August 23, 2008

photos - grace hope, smith jean

Monique found this abandoned baby in the Delmas 31 area close to Coram Deo. Her heart went out to this child and she picked it up from the ground and searched for help.

This baby girl is only 2 weeks old and had not been looked after well since birth. She was probably abandoned because she was born with crooked feet. Because she hadn't been washed properly she developed skin problems as well.

When getting blood tests done at the hospital everyone came up with the name of Grace Hope to put on her dossier. It is the grace of God that has kept her alive so far and into the hands of people who could help her and she now has hope for a better life. Here she is resting comfortably in her hospital bed.

Smith Jean had severe anemia and this caused heart problems for him. We rushed him to the hospital and he was put on oxygen and given a blood transfusion. The next day he was sitting up in bed, not on oxygen anymore and breathing normally.

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Amy said...

Karen: Can you provide an update on Grace Hope when you have a chance. I realize internet is probably spotty with all the storms. But I am so very anxious to hear how she is doing. Will she be able to be adopted in the near future?

I pray you are doing okay and that the storms do not hurt or effect your mission abilities. Thank you for your services in Haiti! They are blessed to have you!

Amy (in Wisconsin)