Saturday, August 9, 2008

photos - coram deo clinic day

Before the clinic we walked through the Delmas 31 area letting people know that there would be a clinic. Cards were given to present at the gate. Once inside they were given a number.

We set up a waiting area at the front where people could sit waiting for their number to be called.

After the number was called the parent and child went to the registration area and a dossier prepared for the doctor.

Dr. Karen McCarthy worked quickly seeing all the patients and prescribing medicines. Sheri is helping to translate in this photo.

After seeing the doctor the prescriptions were filled at the pharmacy table. Translators explained to the parents how the medicine was to be taken. There were also a couple of teachers from Sheri's school who did evangelism with the people while they were waiting. We rejoice that 3 people gave their hearts to the Lord. Now they will be followed up on and encouraged to attend church.

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