Saturday, August 30, 2008

photos - hurricane gustav

Before the storm someone held a voodoo ceremony at a crossroads in our neighborhood. They left a chair for the spirit to sit on and bottles of alcohol and cooked food. Maybe they did this to stop the hurricane? It didn't work.

Lukner is standing on the road the children take to go to school. The school was closed due to the stormy weather. In Haiti, water runs downhill at a quick pace.

This is one of the ravines in the Delmas 31 neighborhood. Water flowed well and there was no flooding in our area.
This is the Tabarre bridge crossing. It is well built with support pillars. Large trucks were banned from crossing this bridge. Normally the river bed is almost dry.

Here is another shot of the water passing under the bridge. Some homes which were near the river were destroyed and people had to evacuate.

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