Sunday, August 17, 2008

photos - dlo gayay, fish

Dlo gayay is the name that Paulna gives for this body of water. It is very shallow and the fishermen pole their boats to move forward. In the distance you can see flamingos.

I tried going out in the water by foot and everyone refused to go with me to get closer to the flamingos. I wanted to try and get a close-up photo of the flamingos but they moved further out as I got closer. Instead I turned around to take a photo of all the discouraged people on the shoreline who didn't enjoy "dlo gayay".

They were happy to leave and left with their water rings saying they didn't want to visit "dlo gayay again but were looking forward to visit Tou Kayman again.

When we got home the children cleaned the fish.

We enjoyed a fish fry! The fish tasted good.

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