Thursday, January 13, 2011

photos - earthquake anniversary - part 2

This Haitian policeman played the trumpet well.

President Preval spoke about the plans for the DGI site. This site will now be "Place Nationale" and will be the memorial site for the victims who died in the earthquake in Port-au-Prince. The president also mentioned that in every city where the earthquake took place there would be a memorial site for the victims who died in each zone.

The engineer who designed the plans for Place Nationale is the man on the far left of the photo. President Preval is preparing to lay the ceremonial first stone for the memorial.

The dignitaries gathered together along with a bunch of people holding balloons. The rock was placed and....

... the balloons were released. These balloons are a symbol of hope and a promise too that the lives of those who were lost during the earthquake would not be forgotten.

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